Weekly Update 2: A Slow, yet Hectic Week

Hello everyone, apologies for the late posting, I meant to write it earlier but you know how it is. This week has been nothing but insanity to be completely honest, so nothing really of note happened besides family stuff as well as babysitting again. Despite all of this, I would like to comment on a few things in the gaming sphere.

Overwatch’s Anniversary

So I have been playing Overwatch since the open beta in early May last year and even before this I was already all in on the game, and the game has just turned 1! How do they celebrate? New Hero? New Gamemode? New Core Maps? Nope! We’ve got a bunch of cosmetics and new maps for a game mode that was already in the game, no special mode, no free gifts for players there since day 1. As much as I love the new cosmetics, as a celebration of a full year of overwatch, it’s a tad underwhelming. I would’ve taken anything else, like if they brought back all the old event stuff like Junkenstien and Lucio Ball and such. Maybe I’m hard to please or maybe I’m right, Who Knows?

Shaolin Shuffle

Infinite Warfare Released their second map pack on Xbox One this past week so I finally got to play the new zombies map, Shaolin Shuffle and I must say, I am very pleasantly surprised. The map far surpassed my expectations and I personally don’t see what all the fuss is about with people still complaining about IW Zombies being too silly as I think it works really well for it. I guess it’s just impossible to please everyone with Call of Duty especially, first, they were complaining it wasn’t enough like Treyarch Zombies, then they’re mad that they “copy” Treyarch Zombies. So what’s it gonna be?? do you want different or the same? If people don’t like it I personally feel they should just say their piece and leave it alone.


Sorry for the short post again guys, it was uneventful in terms of things I actually care to share here but I appreciate you reading this far, leave a comment below saying what you thought and I will be back here very very soon. SEE YA!