Weekly Update 3: Playing Catchup

Hey all, hows everyone been doing the past few weeks. I’ve been pretty okay, took a vacation got to relax and getting away from everything for a bit. Let’s get right into the update though


I have been playing the everliving crap out of ARMS, the new fighting game from Nintendo. It just feels so fresh to have a fighting game without the advanced button combos and more of a challenge rather than a spam fest filled with button mashing and broken controllers. That being said, I am absolutely awful at it, I have yet to beat level 4 on the Grand Prix mode of the game so I have not gotten to test out Ranked as that is the gate you need to pass in order to get in. I would still highly recommend the game to anyone who enjoys online multiplayer games though.

Zombies Chronicles: Easter Egg Hell

I have also just got my hands on the Zombies Chronicles DLC for Black Ops 3 on Xbox One and it’s extremely pretty and nostalgic to go back and play all of the old maps that I used to spend hours of my time after school. I also, much like ARMS, suck very badly at completing the easter eggs for said maps. I have been trying to do the Origins EE since I got the pack and I am on my 5th or 6th attempt right now. Let me know if you all would be interested in seeing me stream Zombies EE or High Round runs in the future!


It has been a bit of a week what with my unluckiness in video games and having to adjust to a 9-5 job after 2 weeks of waking up at 12 pm, but I really wouldn’t have it any other way. Even though there have been a few rough spots the past few weeks, I think I can come through on top in the end and learn from mistakes as well as treasure the memories that have been made. For those reading now and all of my other updates, I would like to say thank you for stopping by and I hope I have entertained you. I try to respond to any and all comments so go ahead and leave one if you so wish.

With that, everyone have a great week and I’ll see you all next week!

Weekly Update 1: Zombies, Mario Kart and Babysitting

Hey, welcome to the first in a new line of weekly posts on mastermanmike.com. As stated in the update these will be going up on every Friday (unless stated otherwise) around 11 am to 12 pm, so without further ado here is my week.

Vacation… Just not for Me

It has been a bit of a tough one thus far as my parents are on vacation and have left me in charge of my brother and sister; they listen pretty well but bickering between the two can be a tad annoying. This, coupled with the fact that I can barely understand anything my grandmother is saying, as her first (and only) language is Portuguese. In other news, I have begun learning Portuguese! (I know right?! What a coincidence.)

Longing for them timed exclusives

If you haven’t heard the news Treyarch has just released Zombies Chronicles, a new map pack that features 8, that’s right 8, remastered Zombies maps from other games in the series. If you didn’t know, I am a massive fan of the CoD: Zombies game mode (or just game in general) I’ve been playing since Nacht der Untoten back in World at War and to see that Treyarch is once again breathing new life into these maps just gets me so excited for the future. There’s just one problem… I have an Xbox One not a PS4 so I have to wait 30 god-awful days to get my hands on them. Why can’t Activision just release stuff at the same time on both consoles (and PC)? Oh wait… I remember… it’s money.

Mario Kart is Life

As of right now, my Nintendo Switch says I have over 35 hours played in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe… I have a problem okay? I have just completed the Golden Kart set and all that’s left to do (in terms of single player) is 100%ing the 200cc Grand Prix’s. If anyone would be interested in me streaming either online or Singleplayer Mario Kart 8 please answer the following survey

Closing Thoughts

Thanks for reading my first weekly post everyone, be sure to leave a comment down below of what you thought of it, what you think could change or what you liked about it. I cannot wait to get back into writing every week for you all (whoever actually reads these). I’ll be posting much more frequently now and hopefully, it will be for the better!